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Email Blunders Part Two

In what could very well be an ongoing series, here are some more mistakes, goofs and email blunders I’ve seen in the last few weeks: No Subject Line I know you’re busy, heck…we all are. But please invest the half a second it takes to write a subject line. Even if it’s a crappy one, […]

PDF Print vs. Save As

Just noticed something odd about converting a Word 2007 document to PDF. If you have a Word document that contains links and want those links to be active in the PDF file, you’ll need to use either of these two options: (1) click “Save As” then select “Adobe PDF” or (2) click “Acrobat” then select […]

How To Do The Impossible

Some advice on how to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. 1) Recognize that nothing is impossible Understand that nothing is impossible. Unless you are attempting to defy the laws of physics, you can achieve or do anything. Even laws of physics can be defied with enough hard work and passion. Just ask Orville and […]

New WordPress Hack

It looks like yet another hack is making it’s way ’round the Internet. This one seems to be targeting WordPress sites (although it’s unfair to attribute the hack to any WP vulnerability). How do you know if your site has been hacked? Do a site search on your domain. If you see any title tags […]

Should I Be Using Twitter?

You could substitute the last word in that question with any new social media application. Should I be using LinkedIn? Should I be using Facebook? Should I be using (insert the next shiny new object here)? While the service may change, the essence of the question remains the same. Companies, small businesses and individuals alike […]