Five Links for Friday #3

On (occasional) Friday’s I try to share five links with you that I encountered in the previous week. Some will be helpful, some will be funny, others just things that I found interesting. I hope you enjoy.

  1. Share Your Desktop – Join.Me is a great desktop sharing tool. It doesn’t require an account (who needs another login and password right?) so you can literally start sharing is just seconds. Great tool for troubleshooting the computer problems of clients and relatives.
  2. Cool Photoshop Action Filters – Sometimes I suffer from Mac envy. Lately it’s been the cool pics I see from Instagram. Here are some neat Photoshop actions that will mimic the cool effects you see on Instagram photos. I’m sure the same effects can be created with other image editing software…but if you’ve got Photoshop, why not grab it?
  3. Color Inspiration – This color scheme picker is great for designing new websites, PowerPoint presentations or anything else that requires a multi-color approach. My favorite part is the ‘light page’ and ‘dark page’ examples in the preview pane.
  4. Pimp your Twitter Background… – and other things. A collection of great (free) downloads from ‘Fuel Your Creativity’ to get your social sites/profiles rockin’.
  5. Chrome Web Store – I’m this close to ditching my long love FireFox completely for Chrome. It’s just a great browser. Don’t believe me? Check out this link for all the cool extensions and add-ons available.

What about you? See any good links this week?

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