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Chimney Rock

Vision Comes First

A good friend recently mentioned to me that one day he would like to start his own business…to be his own boss and do his own thing. Having been in the business start-up/growth phase for some time now I offered him some advice on the subject. I told him that in my opinion, the hardest […]

Email Blunders Part Two

In what could very well be an ongoing series, here are some more mistakes, goofs and email blunders I’ve seen in the last few weeks: No Subject Line I know you’re busy, heck…we all are. But please invest the half a second it takes to write a subject line. Even if it’s a crappy one, […]

Quit Tinkering

Working to accomplish a goal or working to stay busy? I decided towards the end of 2010 to make 2011 the year I got serious about my website / blog. I have lots of ideas about things to write about and lots of “drafts” started but as of yet, no posts (this is the first […]

Email Blunders

I’ve been a reader (and fan) of Inc. magazine for over a year now. I really respect their publication and enjoy reading each issue as it arrives in my mailbox. The other day I got and email from Inc. Here is a screenshot of a potion of the mail. Notice something missing? (click for larger […]

PDF Print vs. Save As

Just noticed something odd about converting a Word 2007 document to PDF. If you have a Word document that contains links and want those links to be active in the PDF file, you’ll need to use either of these two options: (1) click “Save As” then select “Adobe PDF” or (2) click “Acrobat” then select […]