How To Do The Impossible

Some advice on how to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

1) Recognize that nothing is impossible

Understand that nothing is impossible. Unless you are attempting to defy the laws of physics, you can achieve or do anything. Even laws of physics can be defied with enough hard work and passion. Just ask Orville and Wilbur Wright.

2) Remove negative words from your vocabulary

Words like can’t and never should be completely removed from your vocabulary. Don’t ever use them…ever.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t do something, turn the situation around. Instead of saying, I can’t achieve this goal.” Say to yourself, “What can I do to achieve this goal.”

One statement is defeatist and terminal. The other is proactive and inspiring.

3) Ignore your detractors

Some people will call you crazy. They’ll say you can’t do something or will never achieve your goal.

Get rid of these people. If you are unable to remove them from your life then ignore them. They will only bring you down.

4) Identify your allies

You’re going to need help. Find the people who support you emotionally and intellectually. Tap into them when you need support and guidance.

5) Turn you liabilities into assets

Many times things that we think are hindering us can actually be used to propel us. If you try to stand firm against an ocean wave, you will get knocked on your ass. But if you move with the currant on a surfboard, you’ll have a hell of a ride.

6) Understand the FUD is part of the equation

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. All part of the process. Channel that emotion into positive steps. If something isn’t a little bit scary, it’s probably not worth doing.

7) Stop Making Excuses

Your excuses are lame. It’s just your lizard brain trying to stop you from achieving your goals.

8) Execute

Take Action. Enough said.

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