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Chimney Rock

Vision Comes First

A good friend recently mentioned to me that one day he would like to start his own business…to be his own boss and do his own thing. Having been in the business start-up/growth phase for some time now I offered him some advice on the subject. I told him that in my opinion, the hardest […]


You Must Be Present to Win

To borrow a phrase from raffles across the world…you must be present to win. This is the rule for winning competing in the social media sphere. The old Ron Popeil tagline of “Set it and forget it” doesn’t suffice in the new social space. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, tools such […]


What is Cufon?

Yea, that’s what I thought too. Chances are good that if you’re not into website design or development you’ll never come across cufon. And chances are also good that even if you are into web development you might never come across cufon. But since I am into site design and development and since I did […]


Solutions vs. Strategies vs. Tools

Not too long ago I was talking with a colleague who had just returned from an industry convention. I am not part of nor in any way related to this particular industry, but to put it politely, I would say that the majority of the members in this industry do not exactly fit into the […]

Insufficient Funds

The other day I had a problem. I was having trouble getting something to function properly on a website and I needed help. I tried searching for a solution but search had failed me. Google, Yahoo, Bing…none of the big three engines could produce an answer to help me. I could not find a solution […]