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Chimney Rock

Vision Comes First

A good friend recently mentioned to me that one day he would like to start his own business…to be his own boss and do his own thing. Having been in the business start-up/growth phase for some time now I offered him some advice on the subject. I told him that in my opinion, the hardest […]

Should I Be Using Twitter?

You could substitute the last word in that question with any new social media application. Should I be using LinkedIn? Should I be using Facebook? Should I be using (insert the next shiny new object here)? While the service may change, the essence of the question remains the same. Companies, small businesses and individuals alike […]

Why Amazon Prime is Amazing

Wednesday morning around 8:15am I ordered two books from Amazon.com. On Thursday afternoon at 1:11pm, they were delivered to my doorstep. The cost? $17.81 for book number one, $16.47 for book number two and $0.00 for shipping. A total of $34.28 for two hardcover books, hand delivered to my door not 29 hours after I […]

Rules of Participation

Part of my responsibilities as marketing and communications coordinator for our e-commerce website GasStations.com is the creation and distribution of a monthly newsletter. Forecasting a need for some content in the newsletter, one month I reached out to industry experts on my list with a call for articles. The offer was simple: you write an […]

The Framework Revisited

A couple of times now I’ve referenced a framework for migrating from the analog world to the digital sphere. The framework consisted of the steps: auscultate, participate, create, and dominate. I’ve talked briefly about the auscultate (listening) phase and before I move on to the participate phase I wanted to briefly mention the notion of […]