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What is Cufon?

Yea, that’s what I thought too. Chances are good that if you’re not into website design or development you’ll never come across cufon. And chances are also good that even if you are into web development you might never come across cufon. But since I am into site design and development and since I did […]

Facebook Application Privacy

Since the last two weeks have been pretty heavy on security research and also since I’ve been getting more involved in Facebook API research; it was only natural that I combined the two and ended up doing some Facebook security research. What I found wasn’t totally surprising to someone in the tech/development space, but may […]

My Website Was Hacked

I’m glad nobody reads my blog. That was the first thing I thought of when I realized my website had been hacked. I’m glad nobody reads my blog so nobody will get their computer infected with a virus. SIDE NOTE: My site is now safe. If you are reading this you are safe. This is […]