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Solutions vs. Strategies vs. Tools

Not too long ago I was talking with a colleague who had just returned from an industry convention. I am not part of nor in any way related to this particular industry, but to put it politely, I would say that the majority of the members in this industry do not exactly fit into the […]

Should I Be Using Twitter?

You could substitute the last word in that question with any new social media application. Should I be using LinkedIn? Should I be using Facebook? Should I be using (insert the next shiny new object here)? While the service may change, the essence of the question remains the same. Companies, small businesses and individuals alike […]

Rules of Participation

Part of my responsibilities as marketing and communications coordinator for our e-commerce website GasStations.com is the creation and distribution of a monthly newsletter. Forecasting a need for some content in the newsletter, one month I reached out to industry experts on my list with a call for articles. The offer was simple: you write an […]

Listen Up

In an earlier post I laid out a framework for taking charge of your brand and presence on the web. The steps I laid out were: Auscultate Participate Create Dominate This post will focus on a more in depth discussion of step one, auscultate. You may remember that auscultate was a term I borrowed from […]

In A Nutshell

So there are probably a million or so articles, websites, web pages, books, videos, tweets and other whatnots devoted to the subject of marketing and using the new tools of the web. I don’t claim to have consumed them all, or even most of them for that fact, but I have sampled a decent amount […]