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In A Nutshell

So there are probably a million or so articles, websites, web pages, books, videos, tweets and other whatnots devoted to the subject of marketing and using the new tools of the web. I don’t claim to have consumed them all, or even most of them for that fact, but I have sampled a decent amount […]

Who Do You Think You Are?

That’s probably what you’re thinking. Who do you think you are talking to us about marketing and this personal branding stuff? Why should I listen to you over the jillion other marketing and branding “experts” out there? Who do you think you are? This is who I am: I am the Director of Information Technology […]

No Better Time Than Now

Let me guess? Your small business is a mess. Your personal brand is non-existent. You keep hearing all this stuff about Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and social media and Web 2.0 but don’t have a clue how it relates to you. You’re looking around for answers but there are none to be had. You’re […]