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New WordPress Hack

It looks like yet another hack is making it’s way ’round the Internet. This one seems to be targeting WordPress sites (although it’s unfair to attribute the hack to any WP vulnerability). How do you know if your site has been hacked? Do a site search on your domain. If you see any title tags […]

Facebook Application Privacy

Since the last two weeks have been pretty heavy on security research and also since I’ve been getting more involved in Facebook API research; it was only natural that I combined the two and ended up doing some Facebook security research. What I found wasn’t totally surprising to someone in the tech/development space, but may […]

Learning from Adversity

Lemons and lemonade. Earlier I wrote about my website getting hacked and about what I did to fix the situation. This post is about the lessons I took away from the experience and about making the most of a crummy situation. First off let me disclose that I am not a computer security expert. I […]