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What is Cufon?

Yea, that’s what I thought too. Chances are good that if you’re not into website design or development you’ll never come across cufon. And chances are also good that even if you are into web development you might never come across cufon. But since I am into site design and development and since I did […]

New WordPress Hack

It looks like yet another hack is making it’s way ’round the Internet. This one seems to be targeting WordPress sites (although it’s unfair to attribute the hack to any WP vulnerability). How do you know if your site has been hacked? Do a site search on your domain. If you see any title tags […]

Should I Be Using Twitter?

You could substitute the last word in that question with any new social media application. Should I be using LinkedIn? Should I be using Facebook? Should I be using (insert the next shiny new object here)? While the service may change, the essence of the question remains the same. Companies, small businesses and individuals alike […]

Rules of Participation

Part of my responsibilities as marketing and communications coordinator for our e-commerce website GasStations.com is the creation and distribution of a monthly newsletter. Forecasting a need for some content in the newsletter, one month I reached out to industry experts on my list with a call for articles. The offer was simple: you write an […]

Listen Up

In an earlier post I laid out a framework for taking charge of your brand and presence on the web. The steps I laid out were: Auscultate Participate Create Dominate This post will focus on a more in depth discussion of step one, auscultate. You may remember that auscultate was a term I borrowed from […]