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This video comes from RadioLab: Balance?………..Yin and Yang?………….Symmetry?………….Is it real?……………Is it crap? What do you think?

Five Links for Friday #2

Every Friday I try to share five links with you that I encountered in the previous week. Some will be helpful, some will be funny, others just things that I found interesting. I hope you enjoy. Microsoft Releases IE9 – Microsoft released version 9 of the popular Internet Explorer browser. To be honest I try […]

Ching Chong Means I Love You

Everybody makes stupid mistakes once in a while. Some people just do it on a grander scale. Here’s the back story in case you missed it: On March 13th, UCLA political science student Alexandria Wallace uploaded a rant to YouTube about Asian students disrupting life on the UCLA campus. Her complaints were numerous and perhaps […]


What is Cufon?

Yea, that’s what I thought too. Chances are good that if you’re not into website design or development you’ll never come across cufon. And chances are also good that even if you are into web development you might never come across cufon. But since I am into site design and development and since I did […]

Five Links for Friday #1

Here is something new I want to try. I spend a lot of time on the Internet browsing, discovering, asking questions, answering questions and so on. I see a lot of junk but I also see a lot of really good content. Every Friday I’m going to share five links with you that I encountered […]